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Snow Bird Services

Snowbirds are owners who stay with us on the island over their winter months and return to their homes for the rest of the year. Recently we have Summerbirds who stay with us for a few months during their summer to escape the heat… If you do not put your property into vacation rental and want to keep it “walk in ready” for your return it is good to have someone check on your home for you.

We at Casago Kona offer a customized service for our Snowbirds. We will check on your property on agreed times, send you photos on that day and make sure that things are as they should be… flush toilets, check under sinks, do a quick airing. We have a “honey do list” of things we review in each inspection and are happy to add any individual checks you would like.

If you would like we will arrange for a cleaning just prior to your return and after your departure. Stock the fridge… fresh flowers….

Give us a call about these services: 808-466-1878

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